Anti-Puff Cucumber Spa Box (Eyes/Face)

Anti-Puff Cucumber Spa Box (Eyes/Face)


The Anti-Puff Cucumber Spa facial box can help you "de-duff" and look fresh, rested, reduce facial tension, move the lymph in the face- and reduce overall facial "puff".


Do you have puffy under-eye bags, dark circles, fine lines? Do you look tired all the time? Under-eye swelling can be due to allergies, eczema, genetics, or water retention.


This kit is the answer!


-1 pair of freezer eye packs/compressors with a cute cucumber design
The cold temperature of the packs reduces inflammation by constricting blood vessels and tightening the skin under the eyes.  Place the compress on your under-eye bags for several minutes at a time. Do not leave on for more than 10 minutes at once.


-1 bottle of Sessie Naturals Cucumber Under Eye Serum, 5 mL amber glass roller 

Hydrate and nourish your delicate under-eye area with this delicious-smelling blend of oils and botanical powders. Keep this little bottle in the refrigerator and use in first thing in the morning to start your day with a refreshed, rested look. 

Ingredients: Cucumber seed oil*, sweet almond oil*, witch hazel, cucumber powder*, Irish moss powder*, volcanic rice powder*, thyme essential oil (EO),  frankincense EO, lemon EO, Roman chamomile EO.   *Denotes organic; all ingredients are non-GMO.


-1 Jade facial roller 

This cooling, soothing, jade roller rolls away stress, facial puffiness, assists in moving lymph, and massages the facial muscles. You can place it under your eyes to help alleviate under-eye bags, or roll it across eyebrows and temples for headache relief.


Give as a gift or get one for yourself (or both!)

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