Black & White, Lava & Marble Couple Bracelets

Black & White, Lava & Marble Couple Bracelets


Beautiful couple's (or friendship) beaded bracelets!


Be together, even when you are apart by carrying a piece of the other's bracelet with you.

One is fully white marble, except for a single polished lava rock bead, the other is fully polished lava rock, except one- a white marble bead taken from the other bracelet.
Together, these two make a whole.  <3


You can add a drop of essential oil to the lava bead for a bit of calming aromatherapy, too!

Each bracelet has 23 beads and is on a string that offers some stretch.


Before stretching, they are 3.5", and can safely stretch to 4.25". 

Includes 1 set (2x bracelets) in an organic cotton baggie.

<3 <3 <3

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