Cactus Rose Shave and Body Soap Tin

Cactus Rose Shave and Body Soap Tin


 Shave and hydrate your skin with cactus water, rose petals and a mix of premium botanicals and oils.

This soap smells amazing!   Love.                                                                

 *Denotes organic; all ingredients are non-GMO | 6.7 oz


Ingredients: *Cactus water, sunflower oil, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, safflower oil, glycerin, grape seed oil,  *canola oil, *babassu oil, *cacao butter, *kokum butter, *shea nut butter, shea nut oil,  sweet almond oil, Australian red reef clay, *Nopalinaza blend {Canadian flax powder, senna leaf powder, prickly pear pad powder (Opuntia ficus-indica)}, *red beet root powder, pink clay, dried rose petals, rose absolute essential oil, rosemary oleoresin.


This soap contains red beetroot powder and Australian red reef clay, which may stain clothing. 

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