Coconut Ginger Moisturizing Body Soap

Coconut Ginger Moisturizing Body Soap


The coconut sugar and flour granules gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, while the highly moisturizing, premium tropical oils will rehydrate your skin. The bamboo extract is full of acne-fighting and antiaging compounds. It helps strengthen the skin and shields and the skin from damaging UV rays. The scent is a light, sweet geranium and ginger with hints of coconut. Love. 2.5 oz and 3 oz


Ingredients: Coconut oil, *coconut water, *coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, canola oil, *grapeseed oil, olive oil, safflower oil, *avocado oil, castor oil, *illipe butter, *mango butter, *sesame oil, *coconut flour, *coconut flakes, *toasted coconut, bamboo extract (glycerin, water, Bambusa vulgaris), *coconut sugar, ginger essential oil, geranium essential oil, rosemary oleoresin.


                                 All ingredients are non-GMO, *organic        

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