Coconut Blood Orange Antioxidant Body Bar

Coconut Blood Orange Antioxidant Body Bar


This body bar is a powerhouse of antioxidant goodness. Acerola cherry is high in both vitamins A and C.  Acerola also has astringent properties that help alleviate acne breakouts. 

**Various sizes, see below**


Ingredients: Coconut water infused with tangerine*, cold-pressed carrot juice*, unrefined coconut oil*, avocado oil*, grapeseed oil, olive oil*, raw African shea nut butter*, sunflower oil*, cocoa butter*, grapeseed oil, flaxseed oil*. sodium hydroxide, carnauba wax*, raw kokum butter*, sodium lactate, blood orange essential oil (EO), lemongrass EO, acerola cherry powder*, green tea EGCG powder*, goji berry powder*, beetroot powder*, turmeric powder*, dehydrated orange peel*, rosemary oleoresin*.


*Denotes organic; All ingredients are non-GMO 

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