Forest Sage Roll-on Perfume Oil

Forest Sage Roll-on Perfume Oil


This all-natural perfume is in a 5 ml amber glass bottle with a roll-on applicator.

 I call it Forest Sage.

It has a light, fresh scent consisting of a special mixture of woodsy/herbal essential oils= pine needle, cedarwood, atlas cedar, Balsam fir needle, cypress, and sage
all blended with an organic jojoba carrier oil.  There are ZERO artificial fragrances that disrupt the endocrine system in here- Just Pure, Natural, nature!


  • Sage= helps with depression
  • Cypress= increases motivation
  • Pine needle= uplifts the spirit
  • Jojoba is a natural skin-softening emollient, and it won't clog pores. It is not greasy, is hypoallergenic, and is full of vitamins and minerals that are excellent for your skin.
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