Juniper Natural Deodorant

Juniper Natural Deodorant


An all-natural deodorant, full of antibacterial botanicals (manuka, tea tree, and calendula essential oils) and minerals that help prevent wetness and odor. Arrowroot powder, baking soda, zinc oxide, diatomaceous earth, and bentonite clay work synergistically with your own body chemistry, keeping you fresh all day. The juniper essential oil provides a fresh and uplifting scent. No toxic or harsh chemicals, no aluminum, just LOVE. Hand poured into a biodegradable kraft paper cardboard tube.


Ingredients: *shea nut butter, baking soda, *coconut oil, calcium bentonite, *beeswax, *cornstarch, *arrowroot powder, diatomaceous earth, zinc oxide, juniper essential oil (EO), *manuka EO, *tea tree EO, *calendula EO.

*Denotes organic; all ingredients are non-GMO 1.2 oz and 2.5 oz sizes

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