Juniper Woods Natural Soy Candle

Juniper Woods Natural Soy Candle


Juniper Woods Natural Soy Candle in an amber glass jar with a cork bottom (2 oz, 2" tall, 2" wide)

No toxic artificial colors, fragrances, or paraffin wax that can cause lung irritation here- just pure soy wax, essential oils, and a low-smoke natural wood wick. This mighty little candle burns for 9 hours and is perfect for calming the mind during a bath or after a stressful day.


It has a light, fresh, sweet scent consisting of a special mixture of berry/woodsy/floral essential oils= Juniper berry, geranium, Ho wood, rosewood, Roman chamomile.


Juniper berry= reduces anxiety, reduces stress, increases positivity
Geranium= reduces anger, improves confidence
Ho wood= promotes peace and relaxation

Rosewood= helps clear the mind and balance emotions
Roman chamomile= soothes the mind, calms anger, reduces irritability


(pssssstt....This pairs well with The Juniper Woods perfume oil roller!)

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