L-I-F-E: Another Four-Letter Word (Book)

L-I-F-E: Another Four-Letter Word (Book)


A 'Lil Guidebook-

Sessie found herself divorced, alone, and lost. She was lost in every way a person could be- emotionally, physically, and spiritually. A great deal of her time was spent alone in cafes watching people come and go; seemingly happy people with friends, family, and significant others. She hoped Mr. Right would appear and ask to sit with her and share a coffee and conversation. He never did.... but her time was well-spent because this writing was the result of her time alone pondering life, searching for answers, and looking for some peace. This book is full of advice, tips, thought-provoking quotes, and provides help for others who find themselves to be as lost as she was while writing this.

48 pages, paperback.


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