Pistachio Avocado Hair Softening Shampoo Bar


Pistachio Avocado Hair Softening Shampoo Bar

Pistachio oil has a high concentration of ceramides and biotin, which coat, protect, soften, and strengthen the hair.

Avocado oil is unique in that it can actually penetrate the hair shaft, moisturizing, and softening from within. 

It also reduces frizz and hair breakage.

Other hair-loving ingredients in this shampoo bar include murumuru and Cupuaçu nut butters, which also penetrate and hydrate the hair shaft, nourishing and imparting shiny strands.

Marula oil seals and coats the hair cuticle, hydrating hair and preventing split ends. This oil also helps to reduce dandruff and dry, itchy scalp.


The hair and scalp need minerals, vitamins, and hydration to thrive. The Pistachio Avocado Shampoo Bar provides plenty of each!


3.5 oz and 1 oz (travel) sizes


Ingredients: Water, *avocado oil, *pistachio nut oil, *rice bran oil, *cocoa butter,  *Cupuaçu butter, *castor oil, *murumuru butter, *marula oil, *argan oil, *beeswax, sodium lactate, *strawberry powder, *brown rice powder, *rosehip oil, *red clover powder, anise essential oil (EO), peppermint EO.                              

 *Denotes organic, All ingredients are non-GMO.

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